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Increase and improve team cooperation

One of the biggest difficulties in virtual teams is the lack of direct face-2-face contact between team members. Teamrack increases and nourishes team cooperation with implementations of 'The blueprint of the soul', 'the 5 hour rule', 'who-is-where', 'who-works-when', 'who-is-best-at-what' and more

Advanced Knowledge ´╗┐Management (SOP's)

"If knowledge doesn't get managed it gets lost" - Steven van der Peijl, CTO TeamRack.

SOP's are the lifeline of a business, if you can quantify your processes you can scale your business. Teamrack offers a very easy to use 'bookshelf-like' implementation of SOP & Knowledge management.

Make team manager's work easier

Managing virtual teams brings its own unique set of challenges in terms of responsibilities, ownership and control.

Teamrack makes creating teams easy and using our status private twitter-like feed the manager can quickly see daily summary of work done. Using our unique 'Team reflection' feature manager can easily see and manage what went wrong and what is done about it and our 'Team Happiness' feature lets you measure moral and more (e.g. company organization chart builder & Request forms)!

Increase team morale

"There's nothing more decremental as a demotivated employee.."

Making sure your team is happy is important. Happy people are efficient people and they produce better results. Teamrack helps by giving all team members a voice to submit their ideas and to vote on ideas submitted. Plus the build-in happiness measurement tools and the option to share company KPI's with your team to promote transparency, the integrated slack-like communication software and more all contribute to happy people feeling they belong in a team.. that of your company!

Align employees with company's mission and vision

"We found that at some point we just had a bunch of people in different parts of the world only working on their own tasks, no clue of the big picture" - Neil Napier, CEO of KVsocial

People work better, harder, more efficient if they understand the bigger picture. The mission and vision of your company. Using our knowledge books, the internal company announcement board (/ blog), communication tools, transparency and happiness tools you create company loyalty. Of course our build-in (optional) bonus program manager doesn't hurt either ;)

Increase employees' trust

As an employer trusting your employees is always a big item and also a very important one, however we sometimes tend to forget trust is a two-way street. Employees have their doubts to even more so in virtual teams!


Teamrack creates trust between employer and team by transparency, giving people a voice, the blueprint of the soul. (Automatically) checking up how they are doing and asking for feedback and constant communication using our chat platform and private twitter dashboard.

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